Shared Responsibility Plan (“SRP”)

The Shared Responsibility Plan (“SRP”)

Providing a home for a teen parent, even a relative, can be challenging. The SRP is a tool to help you make it work.

The SRP is a written agreement between a teen parent and their caregiver about the duties, rights, and responsibilities each has in regard to the teen and her baby. The SRP details what the teen parent and the foster parent have agreed to do, so each one knows what they are responsible for in regards to the care of the child.

The SRP is flexible because things can change. For example, the teen parent might change schools, get a job, or have other outside responsibilities. As the teen parent’s baby grows, they will also have different needs. It will be necessary to review and revise the SRP over time.

      A county social worker and/or FFA worker can work in conjunction with the teen and you to develop the plan. Both must sign off on the final version.  The final version must do the following:


  •  It must include strategies for dealing with miscommunication or disagreements about the care of the teen’s child.
  • It must identify what the caregiver will do to help the teen parent in parenting their child such as: periodic babysitting, transportation assistance, etc.
  • It must support the teen parent’s case plan for transitioning to independence, and can include educational goals, employment planning, and any visitation orders made by the court.When the SRP is approved, the caregiver will receive another $200 a month.

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